New Roof Construction

 As expert project managers and highly trained roofing crews, the Conestoga Roofing team works seamlessly with other sub trades and prime contractors.  If required, Conestoga Roofing will also act at the prime or general contractor ensuring the entire project is kept on time, on budget and performed safely.

New commercial and industrial roofing systems are highly complex construction requiring an in depth knowledge of all roofing techniques and applications. Conestoga Roofing also owns and operates an entire fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment; this sets us apart from many other roofing companies.  Our commitment "to be the best industrial and commercial roofing company and not the biggest one" is a value that we live and work by. 

Proud of our Work; Committed to Your Satisfaction


We have a full complement of trucks, machinery, roll off equipment as well as our

own mechanic on staff. We are the best outfitted roofing company in Southern Ontario.

Flat Roof Systems

The most common roof system for industrial & commercial buildings, flat roofing systems are comprised of several types...

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Maintenance & Repairs

All roof systems require maintenance in order to reach their life expectancy. As a roofing system is a significant...

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Roof Replacement & Restoration

Conestoga Roofing regularly replaces roofing systems on industrial and commercial buildings in the Southern Ontario area...

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New Roof Construction

Whether it's an industrial building or a commercial property, Conestoga Roofing has more than 25 years of installing roofing systems for property managers and owners.

New Buildings: Commercial and industrial roofing