About Conestoga Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Conestoga Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd., provides roofing systems for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and has been operating since 1982.

With over 31 years’ experience, the company is a preferred supplier of roofing systems across Southern Ontario because of its established expertise, fully staffed crews, administrative support staff, skilled estimators and its complete equipment and mechanical fleet.

Conestoga Roofing offers a large depth of experience and knowledge in Replacing, Repairing and New Roof Construction. We have built a solid reputation for excellent work and our customers are always fully satisfied with every project at every step – from detailed estimates through to final clean up.

If you’re in Southern Ontario and looking for a reliable and reputable commercial roofing company that guarantees excellence, then call Conestoga Roofing at 519-623-7411 and speak with one of our Estimators.

Professionalism is the Difference

Our Project Managers and Site Superintendents are highly trained and some have achieved their Gold Seal Certification, which is the Canadian Construction Associations industry’s highest level of educational and professional achievement. All of our employees are dedicated to continuous improvement and ongoing training on all roofing systems (Including: EPDM, PVC, Modified Bitumen, Built Up Roofing, Metal Sloped Roofing). We have designated crews to specialize in each type of roofing system to ensure the top-trained roofing experts are working on your roof.

As members of the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA), we work to promote excellence in roofing construction through good business ethics, ongoing training and education, and compliance with the latest standards of occupational health and safety. We provide our customer with the highest standards of service and the finest quality of workmanship.

Our Team

Mark Mollison, President since 2010, brings an all new perspective to Operations here at Conestoga Roofing. Mark is a Professional Engineer with a Civil Engineering degree (BASc) from the University of Waterloo. Throughout his career he has been a Project Manager for a large industrial construction firm as well as he was employed at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada where he gained experience and brings a production mindset. Mark’s priorities are Safety/Environment, Quality, Productivity, and Cost. He believes that if we operate safely while being mindful of our environment, that with quality and productivity we are able to reduce our cost. With continuous improvement it will allow us to pass savings along to our customers and remain competitive in our market.

Since Mark has taken over the Management of Conestoga Roofing he has identified several areas for efficiency gains. Conestoga Roofing has been able to reduce our energy consumption and identify multiple areas for productivity improvement. Mark has also mandated that all employees at Conestoga Roofing become Red Seal Licensed as applicable to their trade.

Mark hopes that Conestoga Roofing with a continuous improvement mindset will become a better company every day. Mark is also a strong supporter of local arts and serves as a member on the Development Committee for the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.



Safety First

Conestoga Roofing is proud of its flawless safety record and is committed to ensuring every worker goes home at night safe and healthy. It is our commitment to our employees that the safety of their working environment is of the highest priority. We are a charter member of the GVCA Safety Group.


We assure the highest standard of responsibility, accident prevention, emergency procedures, accident/incident reporting and investigation is followed. We perform the work of roofing and related activities in the safest possible manner and we recognize the need to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and with all current Federal, Provincial and Municipal occupational health and safety requirements in addition to our own corporate health and safety policy.

We promote safety awareness. We eliminate hazards and attitudes that cause accidents and injuries. Health and safety will not be compromised for expediency and unacceptable performance of the health and safety duties will not be tolerated.

This includes:

WHMIS, First Aid, Fall Protection, Safety Talk Meetings, Orientation, Accident Investigation, Personal Protective Equipment, Housekeeping, Return to Work, Emergency Response Procedures in Case of Incident, Forklift Procedures, Roles & Responsibilities, Workplace Inspections, Roofers' Safety Inspection, Sheet Metal & Siding Inspection, Joint Health and Safety Committee, Lifting Devices, Electrical Safety, Supervisory Competence, Heat & Cold Stress, Contractor/Subcontractor Policy, Health & Safety Rules and Regulations, Subcontractor Health and Safety Agreement Checklist, Subcontractor Health and Safety Responsibility Agreement, Subcontractor Acknowledgement of Agreement, and Return to Work Self-Assessments.

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