Conestoga Roofing is an industry leader as well as a respected employer in the Southern Ontario industrial and commercial roofing industry. We have a diversified staff and believe in safe and secure employment.

We are always looking for valuable individuals to join our roofing teams. We have an exemplary safety record as well as provide specializied training in our roofing systems.

If you are interested in working for Conestoga Roofing send an email to info@conestogaroofing.com. Attention: Human Resources, or deliver a resume in person to our head office during business hours.

Current Job Openings:

- General Labourers

- Experienced Roofers

- Foreman (Team Leader)

Flat Roof Systems

The most common roof system for industrial & commercial buildings, flat roofing systems are comprised of several types...

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Maintenance & Repairs

All roof systems require maintenance in order to reach their life expectancy. As a roofing system is a significant...

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Roof Replacement & Restoration

Conestoga Roofing regularly replaces roofing systems on industrial and commercial buildings in the Southern Ontario area...

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New Roof Construction

Whether it's an industrial building or a commercial property, Conestoga Roofing has more than 25 years of installing roofing systems for property managers and owners.

New Buildings: Commercial and industrial roofing