Projects by Type

For your convenience we have categorized some recent projects by the type of roof it is. If you have a flat roofing system - we have the expertise to install or repair it!

Built Up Roofing - BUR

  • Delta Inn, 50 Stone Road West, Guelph, On
  • Food Basic, 868 Dundas Street, Woodstock, On
  • Wyeth Animal, 400 Michener Road Guelph, On
  • T. Little Funeral Home, 223 Main Street, Cambridge, On
  • LCBO, 41 Main Street, Erin
  • Harvey’s, 2800 Barton Street East, Hamilton
  • Ancaster Toyota, Wilson Street, Ancaster
  • Beer Store, 15 Municipal Street, Guelph
  • Forward Baptist Church, 455 Myers Road, Cambridge
  • Wellington County Museum, 536 Wellington Road 18, Fergus


  • YMCA Cambridge, 250 Hespeler Road, Cambridge

Modified Bitumen

  • Fairview Mennonite, 515 Langs Drive, Cambridge
  • Highpoint Community School, 351 Main Street West,Dundalk
  • Gallery Indigena, 69-75 Ontario St., Stratford


  • Cutten Club, 190 College Ave East, Guelph
  • Zion United Church, 32 Weber St West, Kitchener
  • Macdonald Steel, 200 Avenue Road, Woodstock
  • Sanyo, 33 Industrial Road, Elmira


  • GSW, 539 Hill St., Fergus
  • Fergus Fire Hall, 250 Queen St West, Fergus
  • Victoria Park Community Centre, 355 Wellington Street, Ingersoll 

Green Roof

For Green Roof systems, please contact us.


Flat Roof Systems

The most common roof system for industrial & commercial buildings, flat roofing systems are comprised of several types...

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Maintenance & Repairs

All roof systems require maintenance in order to reach their life expectancy. As a roofing system is a significant...

How roofing maintenance saves money

Roof Replacement & Restoration

Conestoga Roofing regularly replaces roofing systems on industrial and commercial buildings in the Southern Ontario area...

When is it time to replace roofing

New Roof Construction

Whether it's an industrial building or a commercial property, Conestoga Roofing has more than 25 years of installing roofing systems for property managers and owners.

New Buildings: Commercial and industrial roofing