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Ren’s Pet Depot


  • Project Included:

    • Installation of new 2ply modified bitumen roof system
  • Size: 9,100 sq. ft.

  • Completion Date: November 2014

  • Region: Ontario,Whitby

This roofing project began in October 2014 and finished in November 2014.  We completed a new roof for the entire building (9,100 sq. ft.).  For this project, we loosely laid 1ply vapour retarder over the metal deck and sealed the laps using fire retardant adhesive.  We mechanically fastened the first layer of 2.6” Poly ISO through to the metal deck and a second layer of 2.6” Poly ISO set in a full mopping of hot asphalt.  We installed ½” fiberboard adhered to the Poly ISO in a full mopping of hot asphalt, staggered a minimum of 6” off the second layer of ISO.  We installed a 2ply modified bitumen roof system as follows:  1 ply 180gm base to field and base flashings to curbs and parapet walls, applied in a full mopping hot asphalt.  1 ply 250gm cap to field and cap flashings to curbs and parapet torch-applied over the base.  We fabricated all metal in-house and installed all metal flashings on walls and curbs as required to complete the job.

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