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Careers at Conestoga Roofing

Conestoga Roofing is an industry leader as well as a respected employer in the Southern Ontario industrial and commercial roofing industry. We have a diversified staff and believe in safe and secure employment.

We are always looking for valuable individuals to join our roofing teams. We have an exemplary safety record as well as provide specialized training in our roofing systems.

If you are interested in working for Conestoga Roofing send an email to info@conestogaroofing.com with the heading “Attention: Human Resources”, or deliver a resume in person to our head office during business hours.

We Uphold the Highest of Safety Standards

Conestoga Roofing is proud of its flawless safety record and is committed to ensuring every worker goes home at night safe and healthy. It is our commitment to our employees that the safety of their working environment is of the highest priority. We are a charter member of the GVCA Safety Group.

We assure the highest standard of responsibility, accident prevention, emergency procedures, accident/incident reporting and investigation is followed. We perform the work of roofing and related activities in the safest possible manner and we recognize the need to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and with all current Federal, Provincial and Municipal occupational health and safety requirements in addition to our own corporate health and safety policy.


Any current job openings will be posted here.

Looking For a Free Estimate For Your Project or Repair and Maintenance Program?

Looking For a Free Estimate For Your Project or Repair and Maintenance Program?