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Flat Roof Inspections

It is important to maintain your roof at all times. At Conestoga Roofing, we provide professional flat roof inspections so that we can provide you with a report recommendations to move forward with a repair or new roof install.

As experts in industrial and commercial roofing systems, we have learned that roofing maintenance is a “pay now or pay much more later” scenario. Roofing systems don’t last forever, but one that has an annual budget for maintenance will ensure that any deficiencies are identified and corrected before they can become major expenses.

An improperly maintained roof will eventually leak as many building owners have discovered. The damage from a leak can be catastrophic causing interior damage, disrupting production, IT and Server room damage, and possible structural failures.

Conestoga Roofing is responsible for the maintenance of dozens of industrial and commercial roofing systems in Southern Ontario. We work closely with property management firms and corporate head offices to maintain a wide array of properties and roofing types.

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