Halton Hills Hydro

Client: Halton Hills Hydro
Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
Project Completion Date: October 2015
Region: Cambridge, Ontario
Project Included:

  • Installation of new single ply TPO roof system

This roofing project began in September 2015. We completed a roof replacement that was 5,000 sq. ft. For this project, we removed the existing metal perimeter flashing and existing roof system down to the steel deck and disposed of all debris. We installed 1ply vapor retarder loose laid to the deck with all laps sealed using fire retardant adhesive. We installed one (1) layer 3.5” Poly ISO insulation mechanically fastened at a rate of 8 fasteners per 4’x8’ sheet. We installed 3/8” plywood to walls containing asphalt. We installed perimeter securement at base of parapet walls and roof curbs as required. We installed 60mil TPO (white) roof membrane mechanically fastened over Poly ISO as per manufacturer’s specifications. We fully adhered 60mil TPO flashings out and over parapet walls to accommodate new skylights and to the underside of metal siding on low roof.