Walper Hotel

Client: Walper Hotel
Size: 6,686 sq. ft.
Project Completion Date: October 2016
Region: Kitchener, Ontario
Project Included:

  • Installation of new 2ply modified bitumen roof system

This roofing project began in January 2016. We completed a roof replacement to Roof Section 1 & 8 which was 3,705 sq. ft., Section 7 which was 987 sq. ft., and Sections 6 & 9 which was 1,994 sq. ft. for a combined total of 6,686 sq. ft. For all roof sections, we removed the existing metal flashing on top and inside of the high parapet wall and built-up roof down to the existing wood deck and disposed of all debris at a local landfill site. We inspected the deck for signs of deterioration and report findings as required. We used 2” x 4” and ½” plywood to close-in open end where raised areas meet existing flat areas. We installed a new 2ply Modified Bituminous Roof System.